Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Raindrops on Roses

Remember my earring frame that I made? Oh how I love it still. These are the colors in my bedroom and guess what? I am making a quilt! I cannot wait to finish it and show you.

Loved this little kitchen makeover idea here.
Reminds me of my friend Jenni. She had her olive oil and kitchen soap in bottles that looked alike and one day she was making soup and put soap in it instead! Soap Soup it's now called:)

I had this basket and was unsure of what to put in it since I am a hater of potpourri. Then one day I found a bag of baseballs at the thrift store. I seriously jumped up and down in the aisle I was so happy. Hubby LOVES baseball. Oh, and they were purchased with the $20 my friend Rachel gave me to be used only on my first thrift store experience here in Florida. I also bought the green vase on my shelf with that money a well.

Oh goodness. Sleeping 3 year old. Da Best. (Yes, he is really that pale)

Check out how long and dirty his fingernails are. So boy.
He always has to hold something in his hand when he is sleeping.

oh wait..wasn't this supposed to be a favorite things post? Hmmmmmm..... I don't think Spike makes that list. haha! He was just following me around so I had to take a pic for hubby.


Hillybug said...

very beautiful pics! i finally made the earring frame too, maybe i will post a pic if i get ambitious enough!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I really need to go thrift store shopping with you! I never find anything cool. I LOVE your house and the colors you have done! Just beautiful! I love your style!

Sunshine Promises said...

Love your flair for style and color. So hot, so current, so YOU.

Angie said...

I was just wondering if you still had spike, glad to see a pic of him!

Dre Drea & Drew said...

That was cute. Your home looks like a page right out of a magazine. When we buy our first home, I will be calling you for decor

J said...

Your bedroom looks so incredibly beautiful! And our husbands should play baseball someday together.

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