Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Blues

Boy, I had you fooled with that title, didn't I?

Here's what we do in 102 degree weather

_DSC0078 copy

paint ourselves blue with sidewalk chalk and kiddie pool water

_DSC0105 copy
Brianna's masterpiece

_DSC0098 copy

so you can see the dirty juiciness of the situation

_DSC0101 copy
PS. say no to crack

note to self: it does not wash off your body for 2 days.


Jennifer Ricker said...

i just found out about the joy of getting the chalk wet! i love it:-)

thank you for the pioneer woman tips - will try to play...PS just is so overwhelming!! I actually met someone last week that was telling me about the PW blog...and now I am hooked!!

stay cool:-)

Jennifer Ricker said...

oh nevermind - i think i found it. it was hiding!!

Pittman Four said...

Those are awesome pictures!!!Looks like a lot of fun!

Pasion Family said...

May I just add- I have sooo much to learn from such a great artist!!! I love what you capture is real, candid, and fun. I have been concentrating on the formailty, I am forgetting those silly moments (I too want to capture relationships)... Oh how I am looking forward to my mentoring/photo session!- I have a lot to learn :)

gkgirl said...

i love love love love these photos...

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