Monday, November 8, 2010

Auction for Kami

I don't personally know this little girl, but my dear friend Kelly does and asked if I would participate in an auction to help raise money for her medical expenses.  Two-year-old Kami was diagnosed with liver cancer in September and truly, she looks precious and I am SO glad to help her family in any way that I can. A print of mine from my etsy shop will be donated to the highest bidder for this week's auction.

I would have given a photo shoot away, but I live in Seattle and the auction is being hosted in Pennsylvania where she is from.  HOWEVER, I would still be up for auctioning off a session for anyone in the Seattle area if you are willing to donate.  You can bid on here (this post) for the session (beginning at 10.00).  Just like the auction on Kami's blog, you will be asked to pay via paypal to and you will then receive your session.

And oh! I will be heading to Utah this spring, so if any Utah folk are wanting to get the hook-up for this great cause, you can bid as well!

The value is $300 for a photo session and cd.  Bidding will stop on Saturday November 20th. 

Re-cap: Bid on THIS POST for the photo session.

For everyone else--head on over to Kami's Auction Blog to bid on some amazing donations from Pioneer Woman, CJane, etc., and it would be such a wonderful gift for you to give (and receive) this holiday season. 

Oh--and get the word out, too!


Kristie said...

I bid 30 for the session!

Bonnie said...

I bid 50 for the session!

Rebecca said...

I say $60

Bridget said...


Rebecca said...

I am going $75

Kris said...

Are you still taking bids? I'll bid $125.

Rebecca said...

I want to go $130

Kris said...

Okay, if it's not too late... I'll go $150. Thanks!

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