Sunday, March 4, 2007

My super cute monster

---this is a MARTINELLI'S bottle(non-alchoholic) hahaha.

Kai has turned into a super cute monster. He growls and grunts and jumps off the couch with no fear. Our coversations pretty much go on with him grunting and us grunting back. We're like a caveman family.

He's very mischievious, but in a very quiet way. My friend commented on how much trouble he can get into in complete silence. If it's know Kai is doing something bad.
I was on the phone with my sis-in-law ...keeping my eye on him as he came in and out of the room and he "seemed" to be just playing with his pretend phone. I'm usually not worried because verything in our house is pretty much child-proofed, but it's amazing what a 14 month old can still get into or FIND. After I got off the phone, I found the trash can overturned, the kitchen floor soaking wet with dog water and Kai sitting "in" the dog food and feeding a cracker to Spike. In a matter of 2 minutes with my back turned. I was talking to Aaron about maybe having another baby...uhmm....I think we'll wait on even talking about it!

On the other hand, Brianna has become even more of a girly girl. My friend was cleaning and heard Brianna talking in the hallway to herself, "Please Heavenly Father! Please turn me into a fairy mermaid so I can breathe under water! Please Please Heavenly Father!"


Lulucarrot said...

I wonder if Heavenly Father is tempted to turn Brianna into a fairy mermaid just because the request is SO DARN CUTE! These kids are just getting so big Carrie! We love the blog and will add it to our links. We are
Love, Erica

Agnes Minerva said...

I lovelovelove this photo of Brianna! The fairy mermaid thing is adorable, of course. I have a niece who was desperate to be a unicorn when she was Brianna's age ... :)

Lisa Ann said...

Ok I like this post because it reminds me of the silly things my two girls did when they were young. They are 20 and 17 now. Happy blogiversary

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