Sunday, May 20, 2007

Oh Canada!

Spencer and Jenny Wight came to visit us this weekend. It was great fun ! We went to Canada on Saturday and cracked ourselves up saying "Aye" at the end of everything. We traveled up to Vancouver via the US/Canadian border and went to Stanley Park and walked and walked and walked. Spencer had his handy GPS system which told us that we're going somewhere in the right direction. hahaha.
Our favorite things about Canada:
1. Buying Tylenol with codein over the counter and maple syrup.
2. Traveling to fast food joints to order "fries with gravy...Aye". Also known as "Poutine". (Found at DQ finally!)
3. Getting a parking ticket that Jenny tried to persuade Aaron not to pay because "what are they gonna do? Come and get you in the States?" hahaha. PS...we just paid it.
4. Not understanding what anybody was saying, regardless of whether they were speaking English or not.
5. Following a random Chinese dude's directions to turn left at the Panda... and actually looking for it!
6. Driving on way too congested narrow roads with way too many light signals with no medians..just a yellow line and NO turn lanes.
7. Driving back into the US and having no problem because our Military Man Spencer was with us.
8. Wanting to buy Cuban cigars just because we could (the good angel over the shoulder won out... "Carrie").
9. Singing The Little Mermaid over and over again in the car via Brianna's spontenaity. Yes, Spencer and Aaron were quite terrific in their solo parts.
10. And in the words of Spencer, "always looking for option B".......Aye!


Lulucarrot said...

Sounds like fun! Do you have to be in the military to get GPS because I am CONSTANTLY lost.

Solnichka Maya said...

What a great trip! I'm glad you blogged it :) I sure missed you in primary this week!

Solnichka Maya said...

So call me a bad friend for not reading it sooner...but wasn't there supposed to be a blog on here somewhere about fat? Did it get lost somewhere? I could have sworn it was here, and I didn't read it when I should have, but I was going to tonight... and now what?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Jenny on that stupid Canadian parking ticket crap. I never paid my ticket in Idaho and it didn't hurt me one bit. Except that I can't drive in Idaho any more.

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