Saturday, June 9, 2007

Business Trip to Portland

We went to Portland for 2 days via Aaron's business trip. I just love it when I get to get a vacation without really paying for it! While Aaron worked hard, his mom came to visit and she and I and the kids played.

Brianna at the Rose Garden. It was so beautiful, but also crowded so I could hardly get a decent picture of the place. There was a bride and groom there and a HUGE wedding party in full Japanese costume. I kept tring to get a close up of the bride and groom, but for invasion of privacy and respect for their photographer, alas, I had to stay at a distance.

Okay...this story is hilarious to me! Aaron and I went out to get some dessert and go for a walk one night while "GamMommy" stayed with the kids. We ended up walking about 2 miles throughout downtown Portland and decided to stop at Voodoo donuts where they make crazy donuts like "tang" and "coco puffs" and "bacon". We noticed that there was a huge crowd of people on bikes (this was 10pm) handing out donuts and preparing for a bike ride having something to do with...donuts. Anyway, because everyone else was doing it, we decided to buy an entire bucket of donuts that was being sold for $5. The purpose of the bucket was to buy it and then hand them out to everyone and anyone for free. But no, not us! We bought an entire bucket of donuts and happily walked 2 miles back to the motel with it in tow! Aaron and I don't even like donuts..but come on, we just HAD to get in on that deal! Oh the smiles on my children's faces when they woke up the next morning!

Brianna painted a butterfly on my cheek by making two "B's" and then we had some fun with HER face!
Here are the kids at Portland's Children Museum playing in "Arthur's Kitchen" --for those of you who don't's a cartoon on PBS.

Overall--a great trip!


Sarah said...

I love it :) What a beautiful pic of Brianna at the rose garden. I'm glad you guys had fun! (did you try a bacon flavored donut?)

Solnichka Maya said...

I would have bought two buckets of donuts, yum!

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