Sunday, October 21, 2007

Girl's Getaway!

Outside Cafe Nola where we had a delectible brunch. And then there is me drinking some divine hot chocolate.
This weekend 3 of my friends (Cortney, Jenni and Rachel) and I went to Bainbridge Island without our husbands and kids...OH MY! It was a first for me, but it was a much needed break and hopefully a new found tradition. I love being a mom, but I think taking a breather for myself makes me a better one! We did bring baby Calvin, but he was just so good and I think we would have been bored without some baby to squeeze. I absolutely loved it! I loved the car ride at night in the rain, I loved our breaking and entering (long story), I loved the talks until 3am, the edible facials and the nonchalant perusing through the quaint stores downtown. It was simply lovely. The song from My Fair Lady comes to mind.."Oh wouldn't it be lov-e-ly!" And it was.

*photos courtesy of Cortney


Hillybug said...

I wanna come! This looks like so much fun and something I could totally use right now! And you look beautiful by the way-your eyes are all sparkly-Must be the lack of children!

Mary Tomlinson said...

Girl weekends are the BEST!!!! We miss you and Aaron...

Love, Mary

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