Saturday, December 29, 2007


Christmas was such a delight this year! We spent Christmas eve with some friends and roasted chestnuts that were uhmm..okay tasting, and then we spent Christmas Day with just our little family. Any day that let's me stay in my pajamas on my couch and watch Christmas movies is officially the best day ever.
We slept in until 8 this year which was so fabulous. Not many more years of that, I am sure. Aaron and I grabbed our cameras and watched the kids come out to the tree. They were so excited! We tried to open presents one at a time, but it was hard to go from one kid to another because we wanted to play with their toys for awhile!! We were all into Kai's train..and Brianna kept saying, "Hello over there?? Can I PLEASE ride my bike!"
Then we had our Christmas Quiche that I had prepared the night before and talked about the REAL reason we celebrate Christmas, and then it was off to play land for all of us. It was truly a memorable day!

I wanted the feeling of snow this year since we don't really get anything but rain in the I put up snowflakes and sparkled the place up:)

I call this picture, "One remaining ornament ball that Kai has not broken".

Roasted Chestnuts over an open fire...(we just HAD to!!)

Brianna with her loot. Looks like she was on the nice list this year!!

Kai's train set. We took it out of the box on Christmas eve to set it up. I am so glad we did because it took forever to put it together! We did find out that it was battery operated at this point, and let me tell you, Aaron got so happy! I think he officially lived out every boyhood toy fantasy through Kai this year. Between the train and remote control car, my man-- and little man, were quite happy!


Sarah said...

I'm glad it was a good Christmas. We had such fun celebrating Christmas Eve with you!
I love the pictures - especially the one remaining ornament:)

Witbeck Family said...

What a great Christmas! It seems that you all have the same problem when it comes to keeping the ornaments on the tree. Loved the pictures of Hawaii too. We're so glad that you all went, and a little jealous too since we're sitting here in the snow but oh well!:)

Cortney Teeples said...

I am so glad we got to see you on Christmas Day! :)

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