Saturday, December 1, 2007

My Man

I just wanted to give a shout out-to my man. I don't think I say it often enough--- how much I love him--better yet--why I love him. He's my rock, and without him I really am nothing. I actually had to ask him to quit encouraging me the other day because he believes in me so much, and if I can't follow through I feel like I failed him somehow. He replied that of course I can do it all if I just managed life with his tried-and-true system of organization:)

We've been through so much these past 7 years. We've all almost died..literally..we have all been on the brink of death *except Kai who instead ended up with his skin covered in blisters from a staff infection at 2 months. Not only does Aaron have MS which has no cure and no certainty for his future and what it could hold physically, but the guy also has a rare kidney disease that only 1 in half a million people get. I cannot even tell you how much medication he must take each day just to live. And he does it, without ever complaining.

He puts up with my drama that yes..I can't manage to live without, he tells me I am beautiful at all hours of the day (the hours of 6-9am arn't pretty I assure you), and he makes lists...lots of lists to make sure he accomplishes all that I need him to do, and only then will he accomplish what he has to do for himself. He is also an outstanding father! Just today I heard Kai wake up and I didn't move from my office work because I figured he could wait a minute or two. Aaron immediately went in and I heard him ooo-ing and ahhing over Kai and hugging and comforting him. There were such sweet sounds between a father and his son that I could imagine the scene without even seeing it with my own eyes. What a lucky woman I am to have such a fantastic father for my babes!

It's been so hard these last few weeks. We're not sure when the right job for him will come, or what our holidays will financially entail. I know the uncertainty is so so so hard on a provider and as a man who has BIG dreams. But I say that any man who loves his family as much as he does, WILL do BIG things and will have all that he desires to provide for his family. I love you Aaron.


Tara and Jon said...

I couldn't help but notice that you posted this at 4:22 am! I agree that you are a lucky woman to have such a great husband, but he's pretty lucky, himself, to have you!! Take care of yourself please!

Jen O said...

Wow how very poetic. I hope Aaron reads this - it will make a hard day easier and a good day even better. As a couple, you two are so solid, and I've always admired your spontenaeity. You're in our prayers that things will work out.

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