Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Bucket

To follow Rachel's lead, I have decided to make a "Bucket List" to include all that I want to do before I kick the bucket!

*Go to Paris. Climb the Eiffel tower, bring my journal, some bread, and cheese and sit by a bridge every day and write for 1 month. Well ... and then walk that bread and cheese off each night.

*Run in a marathon.

*Have 1 baby without gaining 60 pounds during my pregnancy. Even 40 pounds would be fabulous!

*Publish a book.

*Win an award for my photography (or A photograph).

*Send 10 missionaries on missions with money to spare.

*Actually learn how to make pottery and not suck at it.

*Design the most fabulous play room ever and play in it with my kids.

*Have Kai's friends say, "Wow. Your mom is so hot."

*Be a grandma that makes cookies with my grandchildren.

*Go on a mission with Aaron.

*Visit my friend Mary in whatever country she lives in at the time that I visit her.

*Know my husband better than I know myself.

*Act in a play again.

*Go to Italy with the Stroud family and contact Mom-mom's relatives ---oh and be able to speak to them!

*Live in Hawaii for atleast 1 year.

*Have a recipe I am famous for.

*Learn to play baseball and make my hubby proud.

*Become a doula.

*Live with no regrets.

1 comment:

Tara and Jon said...

I think you are hot! And I would consider myself one of Kai's friends....does that count?

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