Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Oh baby.

HAHA! No--this is not me right now. I AM NOT PREGNANT.
BUT -in honor of my 16 friends that are due to have babies from May to September this year--I thought I would pay tribute to you and your growing bellies! Here I am preggo with Kai (Brianna took this shot)

My home for 4 months--the toilet.
Yes my sweet friends, I know how you feel.


summer said...

You crack me up!

theamazingjohnsons said...

Ah yes, the toilet. Luckily, I just left that home a few weeks ago. Thank goodness!

Rachel said...

I totally thought you had an announcement! And I saw the Hinckely challenge and thought it was a great idea so I'm going for it too. Good luck!

JoCo said...

I remember the toilet days fondly! Crazy that we live to tell the stories, huh? So what made you decide to do the Hinckley challenge? Thats pretty cool. Maybe I should jump on the band wagon?!?!

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