Monday, March 10, 2008

Shower power

I was taking a shower today and I realized that I do the same routine every time. I have tried to switch it up, but it is simply impossible. The order MUST go like this...

Get Wet
Wash face
Wash hair
Put conditioner on hair
Body Wash

Any other OCD people out there??


Erin said...

Oh yes! It goes like this.
Stand in the shower for a minute to get warm.
Wash body
Wash Face
Shave Legs
Rinse hair
Stand in the shower a little longer because I'm warm and don't want to get out :)

Cortney said...

Mine is similar...
Get wet all over
Body wash
Wash Face
Shave (first under arms, then legs)
Rinse out conditioner
Stand under water, turn up heat, and relax as much as possible
Get out when I feel guilty for wasting water and time.

Lulucarrot said...

I am OCD as well. Shampoo, conditioner, body, face, rinse.

Almostgreat said...

I think there are a lot of OCD showerers in this world!! Mine is:
Stand in the warm water for a minute
soap up while the conditioner works
rinse off the soap and conditioner
wash my face

When I am home visiting mom complains that I take to long!! But I can't change it!!

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