Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Ordinary

1. tickle fights
2. complete exasperation on my part trying to get Kai dressed
3. bowls of half-eaten cereal all over my kitchen counter
4. strawberries
5. "can I please ride my bike, mom?"
6. aaron racing the grocery cart to the car with the kids yelling "faster daddy!"
7. ps3
8. ewwwwwwwwww!
9. monday night grocery-gaming
10. contractor bags full of laundry
11. atleast 2 toys in kai's hands at all times. today it's a rat and car. rat race baby!
12. punk rock in the car
13. it's my turn on the internet
14. "what do you mean I said I would cook dinner?"
15. "no kai!"
16. dishes needing hand washed
17. cooking light magazine pages book-marked
18. lists on the computer, cabinet, fridge...
19. rock collections
20. milk
21. dr. appointments
22. paperwork
23. the doorbell ringing
24. getting the mail
25. photographs
26. books
27. canning jars used as our regular drinking glasses
28. rooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaarrrrr
29. half eaten apples
30. crumbs in my bed
31. bananas going bad
32. the best banana bread

life is ordinary. and good.


Cortney said...

Ordinary and beautiful. :)

Bethanne said...

Loved it and Well said! :)

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