Monday, June 30, 2008

Cupcake love

At the risk of offending many many of my friends, I have to admit it. I just don't like making cupcakes. There. I said it. Go ahead and faint if you must.

I really tried to like them. I participated in making them for many different and fantastic occasions. I oohhed and ahhed at the wonderful cupcake creations that my friends made. I looked at the dazzling array of websites and books displaying the love that everyone seems to have for cupcakes. I even said, "how awesome!" when Martha Stewart said that April was cupcake MONTH. But now, I have to set the record straight. I must be true to myself. I don't like to make and/or decorate cupcakes.

I made the assumption that since I like to bake + be creative, it would = a love for cupcakes. But I am afraid it is a no-go for me. A certain experience this past weekend finally summed it up for me and made me look deeply into myself to come to this (tragic to some people) conclusion. I don't love cupcakes.
Here is a picture of what I attempted to make courtesy of the cupcake queen bakerella:

mini cupcakes on a lollipop stick.
How cute is that?
Easy enough, right?


Here's how mine turned out. Like a big gob of frosting. And then some.

The candy corns are supposed to be a princess crown, people.

Go ahead. Keep laughing.

Wait..did they actually FALL too? Yep. One by one in the glorious sun. So there! I feel much better now that I have come out of my cupcake closet.

Hello. My name is Carrie. And I don't love cupcakes.


Cortney said...

Okay, I don't even know where to begin! All this time... you stinker! :) Ha! Ha! Well, now at least we know the truth. Leave the making of cupcakes up to the rest of us, and you can just enjoy eating them from now on... unless you secretly detest the soft cake and creamy icing that most of them offer in such a desirable way.

Just the Three of Us said...

Diddo to what Cortney said plus I'll add that...I'm not surprised. Could it just have been a failed attempt? Way to be true to yourself Carrie. Ha ha ha!

Leanna said...

I'm sorry but that is hilarious!! Ha ha!! I'm really not a big cupcake fan myself. I've tried the different shaped ones, they NEVER turn out right for me. I would never even attempt to make a lollipop cupcake, because well, what happened to you would happen to me.

Bethanne said...

Okay that is hilarious! I love Bakerella, but only to look...not to attempt! Then again, I don't have the skill that you have in the kitchen (from what I've heard and read).

I'm sure glad you were able to get that off your chest! :)

Rachel said...

I have to say that I don't like cupcakes either! I feel soooo much better now that it's off my chest!:) I don't even like cake that much. For my birthday each year I have birthday pie. I have to say that I still think that your cupcakes turned out cute. I would never even attempt to make those. Did the family enjoy them even if you didn't?

Jana Heller said...

that is so funny, i couldn't stop laughing. who cares if you don't like to decorate cupcakes. if i make a cupcake, i slap some frosting on them and shove them in my mouth. who cares what they look like. my sister in law makes the cutest cupcakes and i have to admit that the kids don't even look twice at the decorating they just want to eat them. i am definitely an eater, not a decorator. i do like to look at pretty cupcakes but i would rather them taste good.

Lulucarrot said...

My name is erica and I only like cupcakes that come from a mix and a packaged icing. I don't like fancy pants cupcakes and I will probably live a long full life of never making a fancy cupcake.

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