Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Secret Fabric Swap

I need some new fabric for inspiration. I missed the deadline on a fabric swap on someone else's blog, so I decided to start my own:)
*email me with your name, address, and blog address.
*Gather up 10 scraps of fabric (it can be more if you are feeling generous!) Each piece of fabric cannot be less than 5x5 and no bigger than 1/2 a yard. Include some fun ribbon, buttons, notions etc.
*Keep your partner a secret until the end. Hello?--that's why it's called a secret fabric swap!

Deadline to email me that you want to participate is June 15th.

Partners will be assigned by June 20th.

Fabric must be sent to your secret fabric partner by July 1st (at which time, you can divulge your identity)

Wahoo!!! Let's get this fabric party started!

1 comment:

J said...

Well, I already E-mailed you saying that I wanted to do it, but I just wanted to encourage any others out there reading this to also participate. I think it it going to be wonderful!

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