Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I want this

This is my favorite picture of Christ and I am so excited to put it up in my new home. I was thinking of buying a 16x20 and then having it matted and framed. Of course, I would love to have it on canvas--but I'm not sure if I can get it like that. I love the old world feel that the artist portrayed. Of all the pictures painted , to me this represents what he might have looked like the most. I just feel something so powerful when I look at it, and I want my children to feel it too. There is kindness, and mercy, and sadness in His eyes as well. How beautiful.


Agnes Minerva said...

You know this is detail from a larger painting - "Christ and the Rich Young Ruler" by Heinrich Hofmann - right? In the painting, Christ is imploring the young man to give up all of his riches and come follow Him; and the young man looks like he's only half listening, he's about to turn and go his own way. Yes, yes, "kindness and mercy and sadness" ... that's just what I imagine Christ is feeling here, too.

iamwoman said...

really? I have not seen the whole painting!! I knew Heinrich Hofmann painted it...oooh--time to google!!

Carmella Stroud said...

It is a great picture. I like the old world where they put the angel halo in the background around his head.

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