Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'll stay warm.

Today I was sick from food poisoning thanks to carl's jr. But still... I ventured out of my dark and dreary boxes are everywhere dishes are dirty house to breathe. Well really, I had to buy milk. And so the kids and I left our gloomy home and went to the store. The wind blew fiercely and the rain poured and the leaves spilled down in armfuls and danced across the street. And so we decided to dance with them. It was getting cold, but still we dashed across the parking lot holding hands and screaming with delight. Our hair flipped with the wind and we ran with arms open. Laughing at each other and our crazy hair and the moon and the first star I see tonight. We ran back to the car with milk in hand and shut the doors giggling and breathless at all that had transpired. And then she said, "Mom, when we get home I want to dance some more under the moon. And don't worry because I won't get cold. If I dance in the wind I'll stay warm."


wilkinson_fam said...

Car -

What a beautiful memory so beautifully written. You are such a gifted writer. Such a poignant reminder to take time to "dance in the wind" with the wee ones while you can. They grow way too fast.

Good luck with your move. Wish I was there to help! LUVS!

Kristie and Ryan said...

wow, "if i dance in the wind I'll stay warm." why did that make me cry? don't even say pregnancy, it was just beautiful!

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