Friday, December 5, 2008

Day 4

Just a few little things...

oh how I love to read Christmas books

I put up my nativity and I had this random star mirror wall decoration thingy and oh-my-gosh I had a plan. Here is the result. When I am completely done decorating I will give a full room view. No peeking yet:)
Last year I took a lot of photos of the snow and trees before Christmas. I decided to frame them and put them all around the house to give a wintery feel. Just a bit of Carrie art.

what a crappy picture of a picture. I really need to start photographing during the day. Oh well(if I didn't have the whole photographer stigma attached to me--way less pressure:)

and can I just say that choosing paint color is not my idea of fun this year. I have gone through 4 colors in my office and then 3 colors in my bedroom. It looks amazing at the store--and then on the little square thing--and then on my wall I want to throw up. I am EXHAUSTED just trying to make it right. I just want to paint already. I am seriously considering just going back to blah beige. is THAT serious.
How is that for a Christmas AND lamenting post? haha!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Beautiful! I'm loving everything - and I love how all the Christmas decorations look great with your blue/gray wall - (at least one paint color wasn't an ordeal!)

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