Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm officially a mom

we had macaroni and cheese, hot dogs and broccoli for dinner. all mixed up. yep. in my defense, I have a hurt foot and can barely walk. and kai actually ate it. and I seriously still can't believe a succumbed to giving my children such a meal. wow.


Rachel said...

Aaaaahhhhhh! Never, I say, never! :)

Kelly P said...

GROSS! I had a similar thought just two days ago. We had lucky charms for dinner. It was our first-cereal-for-dinner dinner ever.

Jana Heller said...

that is steven's favorite (minus the broccoli.) lily wouldn't go near it but my boys would love it. why not?

mama brown said...

TREES!!! The kids still got to eat the TREES!!! You are just the best mom!! I don't know how you survived on the food I made! I am glad you have made sure that only healthy foods go into your home!!! Tomato Soup and Grilled cheese was ours tonight.. doing the taxes so it had to be fast. Jacob made the comment that the only food I eat tastes bad (he tried my yogurt and ground flax seed) I told him that it was good for him and he needed to redo his taste buds..Breakfast, the most important meal of the day..The older kids do not want to eat anything cooked so early and the younger kids get a hot breakfast each morning since they leave later..(everytime we have grits I remember how good Aaron's is!!) But at least I am making progress!!! OK it took a million kids and Carrie was the test case!
So Carrie here is KUDOS to you for making sure the children eat healthy!!!

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