Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In case you find this helpful

Master Checklist
Master Checklist carriestroud
I'm really loving this document I made. I decided to just print and laminate so I can simply use it with an erase board marker. It really takes the guess work out of what I need done every day and every month!
It's available for you to download as well:)


wilkinson_fam said...

How cool are you? I am SO printing/laminating this! Though, reading through your list makes me feel like a domestic slob. I honestly can't remembered the last time I scrubbed my baseboards. Seriously. Maybe you can inspire me to do so.

Thanks! I love you, my friend!

Sarah in the Middle said...

Sweet - thanks!
Then I can pretend that I actually do all of those things on a regular basis :)
I need someway to schedule WHEN I'm going to do those things. Otherwise, I feel this incredible guilt for all the things that aren't done on the list, (which, of course, incapacitates me to the point where I don't do anything).
Any ideas??

J said...

That looks like a lot of work...

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