Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lest anyone think something is wrong

Because there is nothing wrong. It's just life, and it has it's downs. And feeling ill in the middle of the down part doesn't help anything for sure. Anyways, what I would really like to write about are the good things going on right now.

Like my hubby bringing home wildflowers on his way home from work. I always prefer wildflowers:) And he put them in a jar just washed from our last batch of strawberry-lavender jam. Time to make some more!

And a note I have kept in my wallet for 9 years from hubby written when we were dating. Can you decode it?

And some business cards that came in the mail today. They are crazy simple. And I spent hours and days and hours trying to design a new card that is cool and contemporary and like that photographer's. But I just don't have any graphic design experience. So this is what I finally ended up with. And I really like them because...well...I just do.

my lighting is wacko in these....
I was looking at Tara Whitney's site again this week. Oh gosh I feel inferior. But I think she has a few years experience on me. And I bet she went to school for it or something. And there has to be some other reason she is so good because I just can't handle the thought that one day I won't be like her. Because I really hope to. Someday I hope to be really really good.


wilkinson_fam said...

Thanks for the update on the "good things." Now, what's REALLY up? You're worrying me!

Living in Tally said...

Love the cards! Those are so simple and sweet! You are WAY talented.

nick said...

can the first picture of your business card be your actual business card. sitting on the windw seal with a photo and your card make an excellent business card in my opinion!!

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