Friday, April 10, 2009


This morning was different. It was a rush to get hubby out of the door to work. I was half-way done mowing the lawn when my gas ran out. Drat. I had to go get some more, and buy a gas container as well.

In the chaos of seatbelts being buckled and hugs and kisses goodbye atleast 2 times, we forgot to say prayer. Kai always has to see hubby hug me or apparently it never happened. So with Kai in his carseat and me standing outside hubby's car door, we bowed our heads to pray.

Hubby caught me off-guard. He thanked our Father in Heaven for where we are now.

My mind wandered. We have hit a very rough spot. A spot that seems difficult to get past and my mind has been troubled with questions like, "why and how and when?"

And yet he thanked Him.

All I thought was, "how could he thank Him?" I listened to the still small voice. And I am here. And I don't want to be here. I want to move forward, or backward, or go anywhere but here.

And in a very still moment, I felt my heart soften. It was peaceful and calm. And my mind joined his in prayer. And I found myself thanking our Maker too.


wilkinson_fam said...
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wilkinson_fam said...

Though I don't know the specifics of your current situation, I am so touched and inspired by the faith exhibited by both you and your sweetie. It is inspiring to those of us who are ALSO in "less-than-ideal" circumstances.

How beautiful that we can bow our heads - in spite of it all - and thank the Lord for his awareness of us.

Thank you, Care. I needed to be reminded of that today.

kladle said...

aaah, this brought tears to my eyes! What a sweet moment! I'm glad you are here! I have loved getting to know you and how fun you are! So, maybe one reason you are here is to help the rest of us live life with some spontaneity (red paint, need I say more), fun, and excitement in an otherwise hot, humid, place. Love ya Carrie!

Bethanne said...

That's awesome. I too have had many reminders to be grateful during trial and humbled by the faith that others have that I HOPE to have. Not that I always grumble and grouch but I forget to thank the Lord DURING the trial. But that's just me. Thanks for another reminder...maybe, one day, I'll get the hint and learn what Heavenly Father wants me to.

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