Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quilt in progress

I know it's noth'n fancy, but I do love it so far. All that's left is to send it to be quilted! There is a lady in town that I plan on taking it to, and I hope she doesn't laugh at me behind my back! It is seriously a messy job. CRAZY idea to make my first quilt a KING size. Good gosh.

Eventually I'll get to making the headboard for this bed...

And I love this painting in my bedroom. I found it at goodwill for $5.99 before I moved from Seattle and then painted the frame black.
It takes me to a time and place I have never been and I begin to breathe deeply
every time I look at it.


Jeremy L said...

I love your fabric, so did you sew the squares together and she is going to sew it on top? Oh this is Tara not Jeremy LOL!

iamwoman said...

yep--she'll quilt the batting and bottom layer together with the top.

Stephie said...

Love the colors of your quilt! You're so creative!

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