Friday, May 22, 2009

Copper This

Today my hair is orange-copper. Let me tell you why. Uh, wait. No. Let me tell you how.

I haven't had my hair done since I lived in Seattle. I finally decided that I needed some root control and a haircut more than I needed a pedicure. Which just goes to show how bad my hair was. They have an Aveda Academy Salon here. If you go to it instead of the main salon, you pay 50% less and since it's under the instruction of master stylists, I figured it was the best route to go to get a good haircut for the price. The downside to this endeavor is that it isn't an actual master stylist cutting your hair, but rather a student, and it takes a very long time. For a cut and color we're talking 3-4 hours. Plan ahead.

Okay, so I go in to my appointment. Usually how it works (in my infinite hair salon experience) is you sit down, explain what you desire and they magically come up with a plan using their own genius and experience. I can say, "I want a razor cut on the edge and I would like some chunky auburn highlights." And then they do it. Usually.

However, if you know me, you also know my bad hair experiences. I have been known to throw down hundreds of dollars for pink, black, and way too blond hair (unintentionally). I am pretty sure I have looked like every member of the Osborn family at some point. I have cried, and demanded a re-do, and suffered through countless hours of glares from stylists who were shocked I didn't like the masterpiece on my head. But it's my head, right? I have head rights. Which brings this story to an interesting twist.

In this case, my stylist was very young and resembled Ugly Betty. Bless her heart. For a moment I thought she would just do my shampoo...until she led me to sit down in her chair. I mentioned something about my husband and she exclaimed, "You're married? Wow. How old are you? You look 19." My Dear Ugly Betty! I love you and am no longer very afraid.

Describing my hair color wants to her should have given me a clue as to what was about to transpire. She asked me to take a look at her portfolio to see if that gave me any ideas. I gladly accepted as she handed me her...scrapbook? The front was bedazzled. No joke. Inside was magazine cutouts of celebrity hairstyles. An entire 3 pages to be exact. All. Uhm. Not the look I was going for. Still, my heart went out to this little diva. Something about her mild manners should have warned me to run, but instead my heart filled with compassion decided to stay in her chair.

I thought I described in detail what I wanted. "Not like this one. or this one. and definitely not like this one."

As she foiled my hair I found out a bit about her, which unfortunately made my love for My Dear Ugly Betty to grow. She loved going to school here because "they teach you that you can really be all you can be". Let me emphasize direct quote. Her family works in the fields. She did too when she got pregnant, got married, and dropped out of school. Then this opportunity came and she took it! Unfortunately, her father is not supportive. But he's old and old-fashioned. He's 40. And nothing was going to stop her hair-cutting triumph.

My Dear Ugly Betty's story was so tragic that when she unveiled her masterpiece on my head I couldn't say much. It was the same. No change. She was shy and embarrassed for getting the formula wrong. I sat while she and her master stylist teacher worked some new foils through my hair as quickly as they could and watched another hour slide by. No big deal.

As she washed my hair she said, "yes..these are definitely showing now. Love the orange."
I said, "My Dear Ugly Betty, note to self: do not tell clients their hair is orange. Orange is never a good word to use."

"oh..uhmm..sorry..copper. I love the copper," she said.

She finished the blow-dry quickly and turned me around to see. What did I think?

"Well, uhm... I'll have to get use to it, but it's nice. Thank you." And I happily said farewell and good luck to My Dear Ugly Betty.

I figured I could pull my orange hair off. I am 19 after all.

This picture does not really do it justice because it did fade a bunch and it's much brighter looking outside. In fact, this picture doesn't make my hair look orange at all. oh well. it is 2am and it will have to do.


Rachel said...

Wow. Orange, huh? Hmm....Well, I guess there is the upside of losing some years off your age. But still...

I haven't yet colored my hair once for fear of some kind of crazy color on my head. After your tale, I still don't think I can do it!

Living in Tally said...

Ummm, you CANNOT tell a tale like this without posting a picture!!!! Let's see the orange!

Angie said...

Yeah, you gotta post a picture! This story was too funny!

I've never been afraid of hairstylists because I've always been able to fix a bad cut or a bad color job afterwards if I had to. I guess I've been lucky!

Sara said...

I concur with Tally & Angie.

You must post a PICTURE!

lapierrefamily said...

Picture! I love your blog!

Kathy said...

That is even more hilarious then when you told me about it. I'm cracking up!

As someone who has seen it, it's not that bad! It is coppery though, for sure. I think it will fade as time goes on. You're gorgeous no matter what your hair looks like!

J said...

I want to see too....

Sarah in the Middle said...

Somewhere I have pictures of you sitting on my couch showing off your new magenta highlights. That was a night! I agree - I need a picture of the orange ones to go with it :)

Rachel said...

Pic-ture! Pic-ture! Pic-ture! Hey, I had orange hair once! Back when I was, um ... yeah, okay, (not much older than) 19. Fun, though! If anyone can pull it off, it's you!

Mo said...

SO funny! (not your hair, the post). I had a similar experience at a hair school in provo. The girl left my foils on way too long and they totally fried my hair. I feel your pain.

Tara said...

Just focus on the 50% off! I actually think it's really cute, based on the picture that doesn't make it look orange at all!

Angie said...

Yay, you posted a pic, looks cute to me!! Yeah, I've found that "Orange" colors fade fast, he he!

gkgirl said...

oh my god.

when you said
direct quote

i literally laughed out loud.
and i don't do that a lot.

i giggle, i chuckle,
i might sarcastically snort,
but i don't laugh out loud often.

but i did at that.

{and seeings as how i am a little partial to orange, i may be biased}

mama brown said...

That is just sooo funny!!!!! I laughed so hard!!! I remember the days of cosmotology school and hoping I wouldn't fry anyone's hair!!!! for the past several years I have refused to color my hair as i do not want to cover the fact that I am not grey at my age!!! So the stories my girls tell of their hair adventures just have me rolling on the floor laughing!!!(better them than me!! LOL) Just think Carrie you are so gorgeously young looking that you will also be blessed with a late greying head of hair and will look forever young!!!

Stephie said...

orange is better than green--and you got a way funny story out of the whole adventure too!

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