Sunday, October 25, 2009

Beignettes and Graveyards

What better post to celebrate Halloween than our trip through New Orleans? It was very short but very grandiose and fun. And of course, a bit spooky!

First off, Cafe Du Monde for some beignetes. A must have. However, it was SO hot and SO humid that the moment I took my camera out of the bag the lens fogged up. Anyone have a solution to this? I was barely able to take any pictures...and the one I got has hubby's hand across the table. Oh well. Sexy hand, right?

_DSC0003 copy

Mardi Gras mask? Check. Beads? Check. New Orleans best muffuletta? Check.

_DSC0047 copy

_DSC0044 copy

_DSC0054 copy

_DSC0057 copy

We headed into the French Quarter which is always historically a treat:)

_DSC0014 copy

_DSC0010 copy

_DSC0037 copy

_DSC0018 copy

At this point, I had to run Spike back to the car because he was wheezing and sounded like he was going to die. He remained wheezing like that for the rest of the day. SERIOUSLY. Bulldogs #1) don't do well in heat and #2) are notoriously lazy. Apparently, walking 4 blocks was too hard on him. Punk.

_DSC0065 copy

While traveling to the garden district we hit the famous Lafayette Cemetery. Our timing was perfect so we were able to hear a tour guide talk to her group about it. Unlike your normal cemetery, there were rows of raised tombs that housed "families". The water level was obviously a concern there years ago as well, so these raised tombs were used in case of flooding. It is also much cheaper to use a family or "society" tomb because the square footage is reduced, therefore reducing the price.


Here's an example of a "society" tomb. Made me so sad.

_DSC0077 copy

_DSC0078 copy

_DSC0080 copy

Entire families buried from generation to generation in one tomb


_DSC0074 copy

Last of all, anyone see the Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds"? While stopping in Oklahoma one early morning we drove into the Wal-mart parking lot. It was covered in birds. And more birds. Crowing. Gawking. LOUDLY. They were everywhere. On the rooftops......grounds..... seriously. I couldn't get inside soon enough!

_DSC0082 copy

_DSC0085 copy

Happy Halloween!!


Anonymous said...

For your camera- I haven't had the fogging problem before so I'm not positive but so check before doing. They make a defogger stuff for eyeglasses that I bet would work on a camera lens. Toothpaste is supposed to work on mirrors in bathrooms but probably not recommended for camera's. :)

Kimbie said...

So I have the same problem with the fogging- I asked some camera guys at my fave store in Orlando- he said the key is turning off the ac. He said before a shoot- turn off the ac in your car for 10 minutes- no fogging w hen you get out of the car.
unfortunately i dont believe in sweating so I havent' done this myself. so ac stays on and i deal with fog...hahah

Brandon said...

Gorgeous pics carrie! glad you guys have made your way back out west!!

Brandon said...

Didn't realize that Brandon was still signed in, this is actually Hillary!!

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