Friday, January 8, 2010

moving on

Did I already use that title for a past blog post? I have no idea. It hardly matters though because it is certainly the most applicable blog post title for my current situation.

Today was my last day of work.

I was at the store tonight buying this list of items that my husband gave me:

smart balance
18 count eggs
any fresh berries
vanilla ice cream
8 cups of cream

What??? Why in the world would you need 8 cups of cream?? Oh, well. I learned long ago to never question my husband's shopping list. He's too good of a cook.

So there I was in the produce aisle looking for some fresh berries that are certainly out of season and I couldn't find a single container. There was a nice produce aisle kid (under 25 yrs) that I decided to ask.

Me: "Hey kid!" (okay, it was more like "excuse me sir")
"You wouldn't happen to have any fresh berries around?"

Him: "Yep. They are staring you in the face right there."

Me: "Oh. Wow. Embarrassing."

Him: "So are you having a good day?"

Me: "Yep. I just quit my job. I mean, I quit 2 weeks ago, but today was my last day."

Him: "Oh wow. Is that a good thing?" Then he checked me out from head to toe. Good thing I had on my long brown parka. That way he couldn't see that I was even more gorgeous underneath my coat. Phew.

Me: "Definitely. I have another job waiting for me which is so much less stress, more money, and much better management with my old company."

Him: "Oh ya. Good management is everything. That's why I transferred to this store. I'm so much happier working here than where I was before."

Me: "Good for you! We actually have to move again since my job requires me to live on location. That's frustrating because we have only been in our current place for two months. I hate to move again(good thing we weren't all the way unpacked). I hate to change the kids school again. I hate to leave my amazing staff. But it's the right thing for us, and it's a great feeling to know that for sure. Not to mention that I am leaving the most toxic boss in the world to go back to the best boss in the world."

Him: He nodded. He was smiling way too much.

Me: "Okay. Thanks for helping! Bye!"

Him: "Uh-huh." Still smiling.

Me: Off to get the eggs.

And that is that folks. So now you know our moving on story, all thanks to the produce aisle kid. You better go thank him by buying some expensive out-of-season berries. Hurry quick or you might have to buy them inexpensive and in season. The travesty.
*For those who want the location details, I still need to remain private online:) Let's just say that I'll be relocating 10 minutes West of where I used to live a year ago. A perfect commute to Seattle and a big mall shopping area near by. Oh-and in insanely amazing view of Mt. Rainer.


Darren and Brandi said...

So where to? You moving back to Renton??

Jenna said...

Thanks for the moving on story produce kid! It made me laugh on this cold, snowy morning. Sorry you have to move again. 3 cheers for getting rid of toxic people in our lives - woo hoo!

Cortney said...

Okay girl--you have forgotten a few important details WHERE are you moving to?

Carmella 'n Sydney said...

That's funny. We have grown up to tell complete strangers our stories... Ummm is it from the blood of Mom? Who knows? I sometimes call it run on mouth. Do the people really want to know all we tell them. I don't think so, but who cares... right... We are the important person telling our story and they better darn listen. Carrie, you fit in well to the to the family that also will talk to a fence post.

Mary Seals said...

What did Aaron MAKE? Ice cream? custard? Both??!

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