Monday, January 25, 2010

why moving might not be fun

  • you might just stay up until 2 am packing and then get up again at 6am
  • you might just go buy donuts after you pledged to never eat another one when you were sixteen
  • you might just tell your daughter to quit singing church songs because she is driving you crazy and feel so so bad about that
  • you might have forgotten how many muscles you have in your body
  • you might have realized too late that making 17 trips up and down the stairs to get those last minute items in heels after church was a bad idea
  • you might ask yourself why you have so many dang 16x20 picture frames
  • you might be really embarrassed when the moving friends take your bed apart only to find items under it that should not be seen
  • you might have lost your car keys and then climbed into the dumpster to dig through six nasty trash bags, all the while stepping on rotten potatoes to actually find those dang keys wrapped in taco time napkins
  • you might regret buying anything from taco time due to previous drama
  • you might just be exhausted
  • you might say "what the crap" every 10 seconds
  • you might just swear to never move again (knowing, you will)


Pasion Family said...

Are you moving? I hope only closer to Renton.. BTW- Obviously, I don't blog much, but I love reading your blog, when I do get on Google!

Summer said...

I can totally hear you saying, "What the crap." And, yes, I'll admit that I say it every time we move too!!!

Annette said...

Well, at least your keys weren't in the ignition or your coat pocket.

kladle said...

It reminds me of when we were helping you pack in here Tallahassee and we couldn't find your phone. Remember that? Mental note, you seem to lose things every time you move! Good times! :)

Anonymous said...


It's been awhile since I checked your blog. So you're back in town? You need to come by some time. Welcome home.

wilkinson_fam said...

Oh sweetheart - moving is my least favorite thing EVER! You are SO in my prayers.

Here's to not moving again for a really, really, really long time.

Yeah right.

Sarah in the Middle said...

Oh Carrie! I'm sorry - I wish I could have been there to help (yeah - lots of help I'd be with 3 kids, right?) You've go tme laughing, though! EVERY TIME we move I wish I had cleaned under the bed better first :) And I can hear you saying "what the crap" as you dig in the dumpster. I hope things are going smoother!!

Jackie said...

If you need a vacation now you can come visit me. I'll take care of you!

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