Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Growing up and such

My sister has been staying with us which has been super nice. There are definitely bonuses to having productive family members around. That and we have never been friends until this year. Seven years apart, so not too much in common. College for me vs. Elementary School for her. Marriage for me vs. High school for her. Babies for me vs. College for her.

However, last week she completely reconstructed a quilt for me that had 2 ginormous holes it. Hubby has asked me to fix it year after year. I really didn't know how. Or I was lazy. Or possibly both. The holes kept getting bigger with time and late nights snuggling on the couch and sick babies watching movies and nonchalant throwing into tight spaces under the bed.

It is the same quilt that I received as a Christmas present from the JC Penny Catalog when I was 15. Do you remember that burgundy phase? Forest green and burgundy. I still shudder at the thought...

It was the same quilt that I took to college.
The same quilt that I sat on under that one tree with open book and journal in hand.
The same quilt that friends would walk by after class and sit on with me, laughing and giggling, hoping that boy would notice us.
The same quilt that my husband and I sat on when he proposed to me the first time, after which I told him to go pray about it.

The same quilt.

Thank you sister.

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