Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Planning a Girly Good Time

I'm planning a girls weekend getaway to Portland, Oregon in early June and I was curious to see if there are any takers? This is a bit easier than sending out a chain email so that I don't accidentally exclude anyone...and I am anxious to see the responses from all my gals! Although everyone may not know each other, I can promise that you are all fabulous. And of course, you have ME in common. Enough said. ha!

The plan is to have a slumber party in Portland Friday night and then stay until Saturday night. Shopping, eating, experiencing, etc. Portland is crazy relaxing for me and there is tons of fun to be had. We'll be able to plan and budget now by sharing the gas and room(s) cost as well.

So ladies near and far.. wanna come?

email me at
*if there is another time besides the beginning of June that works better for the majority, then perhaps we can do that instead.*
*it's a 2 hour trip to get from Seattle to Portland*


Rachel said...

I wanna come but I won't be in Oregon til July!!!

Evelyn Perkins said...

What a nifty {brave} idea! Wish I could, but Portland's just too far. Have fun!

Tara said...

I wish too but also to far :( Sounds like fun!!

Jenna said...

YES, I think it sounds fabulous. How far away is Portland?

J said...

Ahhh I was just talking with Morgan and we we're saying you should come from Washington, and she would come from California, and we could all party at my house!!!

I'll see if I can come. It sounds FUN.

J said...

PS Mo is coming to my house for the 4th of July. You're invited too.

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