Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a couple dear thoughts today

dear husband. i understand your passion for all things flavor. spices. condiments. home ground barbeque rub. but when it comes to my baking ingredients, is there a way to bring them a little lower on the shelf? i just needed some cinnamon and nutmeg. instead i got a stream of falling kosher salt, celery seeds, chili powder, cajun seasoning, oregano, bay leaves, red pepper flakes, fresh ground pepper, and 52 other spices as i reached up on my tippytoes to find those two tiny containers. that hurt. it really really hurt, charlie. (i totally said that in a british accent)

speaking of baking, dear readers, you should really try my blueberry muffins over there on my food blog. pretty darn tasty.

my dear dear daughter, please stop singing all day. i love your voice. it is amazing. but knock it off. if i have one more dream about selena gomez singing the song "naturally", i will throw up.


carlisle clan conversation... said...

1. can you send this to my hubs too?

2. on it...craving some yumminess earlier...problem solved

3. exchange for my son who makes every random & annoying sound known to man...he has since been banned from using this talent other than in his room or outside

4. I think I overuse the uh period, uh dot dot dot whatchamacalit.

the end.

Mo said...

that selena gomez song gets stuck in my head too!

The Rowdy Orator said...

I love you Carrie and just because of this post, I consolidated a little bit. Sorry I don't post...or mention it to you that I read it...or mention anything having to do with your blog at all for that matter.I love you very much!

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