Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Questions answered


(out my window this morning--proof that there is someone in charge)

Rowdy started Grad School. Did I mention that? I guess in between my stammering words of, "I can't believe we are back to the school part of our life after five years of not being in school," and "what do you mean I have to cook dinner once in awhile because you'll be gone?" I must have forgotten to mention it.

Back to now. Er- last week. I was picking Rowdy up from his Grad School Retreat (hahahahahahahahhahaha!! I am still laughing about that one, and the words "linked arms" on the program), Brianna asked me why everyone at school doesn't believe in God. Oh crap. I was not in the mood for this conversation. Breathe. Say the right thing because you can screw this kid up forever if you don't.

Me: "Well, honey.. not everyone knows what we know or believes what we believe. You are going to meet people who don't think that He is real. You are going to meet people who yell that He is not real very very loudly and might make you feel sad. You are going to meet people who believe in other gods, other religions, and other faiths. It is okay that they believe that. You shouldn't tell them they are wrong or make them feel bad if they do. Everyone has a right to believe what they want. The question you need to ask yourself and always remember is , do you believe in God?"
Her: "Yes."
Me: "Well then, that is all that matters."

Great talk. Go, Carrie. I think we reduced future "what my mom told me" therapy about 6 months.

Then a few days later, I overheard Brianna telling Rowdy that so and so called her a "B*%^#!"
Oh my gosh. Please handle it husband. Please handle it. I might cry if you don't handle it.
Thankfully, he did.

He asked her, "Well, do you think you are?"
Her: "No."
Him: "Well then, that is all that matters."

After so many days of these types of questions, I told Rowdy that I cannot believe we are having to talk to her about such things at her age. She is too young to be introduced to Scientology and sex and self-preservation, for gosh sakes.

He told me, "Carrie, we live in a VERY liberal part of the country. Our beliefs are the minority. That makes it hard. But, why do you think it's good that she is having to ask us these questions now in her life?"

Wow. He's good. Now he's asking ME questions.

I answered, "Well, I guess it's good because we are able to better prepare her while she is younger. She is more easily influenced right now at this age, so making her foundation firm is certainly not a bad thing. It will make her stronger sooner, and in this world, that is probably necessary."

He said, "Well, then, that is all that matters."

Arn't we good parents? Yes. In this aspect of life I think we are doing a good job.

Another aspect of life? I noticed my son had consumed 5 bags of fruit snacks and two brownies for breakfast. Reality my friends. Reality.


Evelyn Perkins said...

Don't have anything fabulous to say...just wanted to let you know I had been in, peeking and laughing at your blog. Laughing WITH your blog that is...:)

Tara said...

I love you blog, makes me smile :)

Kristie and Ryan said...

I cried, and then I laughed heartily at the end. another successful carrie-post. :)

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