Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We're jumping into unknown territory by deciding NOT to consume any carbs at dinner time at least 5 days a week. I need recipes or meal ideas pretty darn bad. We eat relatively healthy, but there is always either a pasta or rice or bread etc. accompaniment to the meal. We're doing our lean meats and a vegetable side, but would love some variety.

Any suggestions?

PS. This is one of my favorite chicken recipes. So easy to make and pairs gloriously with olive oil and rosemary red potatoes (that I am no longer supposed to consume;) I also make my own provencal blend with the spices I have in my pantry.


Jenna said...

hmm? Let me think about some good recipes without carbs and get back to you. We eat a lot of rice in this house. Quinoa is yummy - is that considered a grain or a protein?

iamwoman said...

I like quinoa-- and it's not heavy like a rice, so it will work.

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