Saturday, July 24, 2010

she makes me smile


I find that so often I get caught up in the frustration of parenthood.  The please please pleases.  The wants and needs of one so young and spirited.

And then at night with a pre-popcorn-and-a-movie random dance performance I am reminded of the laughter that she brings to me. I don't know what I ever did to deserve my darling girl, but I am oh-so-thankful for her and her silliness. 


She is so completely truly innately good.  Beyond the begging to go outside and play 50 times a day and the usual trials of an eight year old, there is a girl who is perfectly
Sweet.  Kind.  Funny. 
And one who wholly steals my heart.

I love how she wants to constantly perform for us.  I love how often we have to ask her to stop her vibrant singing.  I love how her favorite family night is sushi and a movie. She is darling and fun and growing way too fast.

I love everything about her. 
Even the drama (because it is how I know she is mine.)


this pouty face has NEVER worked.  I don't know why she still tries it;)


She makes me smile.


Kristie said...

she makes me smile too! I love that girl.

and p.s. she's BEAUTIFUL. as if you needed telling. :)

Mommy #1 said...

It's SO TRUE!!! So, so, so true! Of my two kids, Abby is definitely the more silly, explosive, dramatic, crazy, adventurous of the two! I was thinking just last night how empty my life would be without her animated smiles and expressions and laughter and silliness!!! Yay for all the free smiles you get every day as a mom . . . and the moments that remind you of them when you need reminding the most! ;-D

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

My daughter is a sushi lover too and I have visions of just the two of us going to eat loads of raw fish and chat about life.

Sarah loves it all said...

Oh Carrie. She is beautiful. Really. She looks a lot like you I think.

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