Friday, July 16, 2010

You'll thank me later

We started a new Rock'n PROGRAM around these here parts. A Chore slash Discipline slash Responsibility slash Wise Choices slash Be Good Program.  CDRWCBGP for short.  (J/K)
My main concerns before starting this rock'n new thing that we are doing (this will be a future pun --so excitedly read on...) were:

1) My kids don't always listen.
2) My kids don't always do chores happily.
3) My kids are sometimes obnoxious.
4) My kids sometimes yell and run around like hooligans. (where is Mary Poppins when you need her?)
5) My kids are not always obedient.

I was gosh darn tired of it all.  Especially during Summer.  Especially since apartment living doesn't allow for sprinkler play -- ahem-- Serene.


I wanted to award the kids for doing summer reading/learning using a point system.  Then Rowdy had the brilliant idea of adding the chores to it as well.  Then I had the brilliant idea of adding manners to it as well.  And we were on a rock'n roll (oh my gosh the pun suspense is killing me)...

Every TO DO would be worth a point and then there would be ACTIVITIES that cost points.  But after that I was stuck, because how could we keep track of all the points? I tried a spreadsheet-- but realized that it would be too hard to tally/subtract/add/use, etc. 

THEN I read the brilliant idea from Charlotte not a day after I came up with our plan.  So I totally didn't take it from her, I would like to point out (wowzers- these puns are awesome).  However, I did use her finishing touches to help a girl out. Like, why not add "take-away-points" for yelling, hitting, being obnoxious, etc.  BRILLIANT. 

She also answered my prayers by using a "marble in a jar" system with each marble representing 1 point.  Did I mention the word brilliant? 

 But in our case, we use small ROCKS  (there it is!  The pun has been revealed!).  I found a huge jar of vase filler at the store to split between the both of them.

We have a chart for each kiddo to make the responsibilities age appropriate.  It takes Kai less points to earn an ice cream cone then it would Brianna and the cost of points for her activities are much more as well.  She has the potential to earn quite a  few if all goes well in one day, so going to get a manicure costs more than it would to go to the park for Kai.

Here are some from Brianna's chart for example:

If You:
Sweep kitchen floor +1 pt
Read 2 books to Kai  +1 pt
Make bed  +1pt
3 pages in school workbook +2pts
Read 1 Harry Potter Book +25 pts

If You:
Yell or scream  -1pt
Talk back -1pt
Disobey -1pt
Leave clothes on floor -1pt

You Can Earn:
Manicure -45 pts
Family Fun Center -50pts
Panda Express -25 pts
Movie Theater -45 pts
Go get ice cream -15 pts

Just yesterday we went out for ice cream because both the kids wanted to spend rather than save.  "I'm going to take away a rock" has some serious power these days.  Kai thinks it's a race, (which after a certain 2 minute reflection on whether that is what we are trying to teach him or not), I am happy about because he is LOVING the competition.

So far my kids are total angels. 


FYI- friends can NOT help. (I didn't say my kids stopped being trixie)

and oh ya-- cuz I am never in any pictures since i am always taking them-- here i am at the end of my work day with blurred make-up and a wide angle lense at a wierd angle and bad lighting.  enjoy.  now that i am looking at this more thoroughly..i think i might regret putting this up here...


carlisle clan conversation... said...

I love that, thanks for the inspiration. We have a small metal bucket with tongue depressors in it representing chores. Each one has chores they can both do and we have them choose three each day. Great in theory, but we were missing their individual responsibilities. We also have incorporated two sayings we got from our old church, "I will respect others with my words, actions and attitude." & they are to 'obey quickly, completely and cheerfully."

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Oh whatever, you're gorgeous!
And hey, I TRULY do feel your pain! we only got out of apartment living a year ago!
Yea, four kids in an apartment is zero fun.

But I'm totally digging your idea!! I just might have to try it out!

Dawn said...

That is a good idea. I do a ticket system similiar to that in my classroom and my students love it. Good luck.

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

Brilliant!!! Thanks for the tips!

Charlotte said...

I'm sorry I missed this post back when it posted. I was on vacation. Glad I could contribute to your plans!

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