Friday, August 6, 2010


Did you miss me?  Oh that's've been following along on my 10 day to 10 years.  Smart me planned it ahead of while you were reading about the frenzy of love...I was out in dreamland with my babes. 

It's still a hazy dream.  Ocean and sand and wind.  Perfect combination for a perfect trip away. I smell like campfire.  Even after I washed my hair 2 times.  My floor is covered in sand and loads and loads of clothes and blankets.  And krispy cream donuts are no longer my friends. Our closet shelves collapsed while we were gone so my bed is now covered in my party boxes and winter wear.  I told Rowdy that now would be the perfect time to organize our clothes.  I forgot that the beach in Washington is very different than the beach in Florida. should bring other clothing than swimsuits and sunscreen.  Like an extra jacket.  Because your son is going to jump in the ocean the minute you get there and then you'll have to run to the laundry mat to wash that jacket so he can wear it that night when it is freezing. In fact, you should probably bring 2 because it is really cold out there. My stomach aches from too many marshmallows and I have so so so much work to do.  But the work will have to wait. 

needed to upload these pictures.  needed to see this dream again.  

that dot where the arrow is pointing below is the kite!

Next time: 

Remember to make sure your lighter is working for the campfire.
Remember to go camping with your children more often because they are total wimps.
Remember that you need wind to fly a kite.  And to thank that old man for teaching you how to fly it.
Remember to tell Brianna that she can't feed all the hotdog buns to the seagulls.  Because then you'll have no buns for those dogs.
Remember that Kai is going to get really dirty.  Bring 10x more clothes than you think you will need.
Remember to research whether or not Doritos are good for birds.
Remember that life is not over if you can't access the internet.
Remember to remember.



Charlotte said...

I love the beach. Although I will take note that WA beaches are cold and plan accordingly.

I have not been camping in years and I really, really miss it and want to go again. Especially after your post (I'll remember the extra clothes and lighter).

AJ said...

Love the photos! So glad you were there. It was great to see all of you and Savanna loved, loved, loved playing with Brianna and Kai.

You guys are awesome!!

Liz said...

I loved this. Thanks. Your pictures are totally dreamy. I wish I could capture life like you do.

(I also wish I had better photos from my wedding, it's almost painful to see current pictures now that photography is so different - we paid a LOT - but they are still awful. Happy 10th anniversary!)

Pasion Family said...

I love all these pictures!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Oh how stinking fun is that!!

Love love the pics! And I'm super jealous. Now that my parents don't live in FL anymore I don't think I'll be seeing a beach anytime soon.


likeschocolate said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. There is no way you would get me into the water in Washington. Way to cold!

Dawn said...

Love those pictures.

gkgirl said... I loved this. Especially the sweet list of things to remember about have just reminded me to slow down and spend some time doing things worth remembering and I thank you for that....xo

Jen O said...

Happy anniversary! What beach is this? Looks like mucho fun.

Kristie said...

so awesome. I have to get to the beach ASAP. and camping, Ryan is so perturbed that I went to Utah instead of camping last weekend...

camping vs. family reunion with all my siblings... I won't pretend it was a hard decision. :)

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