Friday, August 20, 2010

MMB ice cream post

Another one of my posts on MMB.  If you have never read my past blog post or heard about my ridiculous pregnant ice cream are in for a treat;)

It's kinda embarrassing.  Really.  And I maybe might regret posting it because not everyone gets my crazy writing...of course. But you love me anyway, right?

My friend says that she thinks that maybe the reason none of my old friends (or the ones I actually know in real-life-person) read my blog anymore is because I have transcended to another blog realm. I am still not sure if she meant that as a good thing;)

Is it true?

Any old timers on this thing?

If so.  I totally love your devotion.  Like, so much I might give you some mint chocolate chip ice cream.  SEE how much I love you?  (Let's not leave the not-real-life persons outta this though.  I love you, too.)

Alrighty.  Now I am hungry.  Freezer section here I come.


natalie said...

I wouldn't consider myself as a long time reader, but I have had you in my google reader for months now...

That ice cream post was no joke, freaking hilarious! It made my day.

I only wished I gotten to know you in person a little better when you still lived here in the south. I'm not gonna lie, I'm finding it somewhat hard to find awesomely hilarious woman to hang with around these parts.

Stef said...

That post was HILARIOUS!! Seriously. I loved it!! That manager must have had a wife...and at least one child.

Cherie said...

I just went and read the ice cream story - LOVE IT and totally something I would do (even not pregnant - I mean seriously sometimes you just got a craving right!).
I am still wondering why on earth those stores wouldn't have that flavor though - it is also my son's favorite and I don't think I have ever been in a store that doesn't carry it - weird!!!
My friend just moved to Georgia last year and she does tell me that things in the south are VERY different!

Mary Seals said...

Sadly, going to the store and looking for something I want/need (sometimes desperately) is a several times a week occurrence these past 5 years.

I still read your blog. Religiously.

Tara said...

I'm still reading!

And your ice cream allusion is just reminding me about all our freezer food that melted today when our freezer broke! Nothing worse than throwing out what should have been perfectly good ice cream!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Your post was totally awesome, the ideal pregnant woman! LOL!

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