Monday, August 30, 2010


i had the impression to get up and leave work right then and there to drive 20 minutes to my favorite consignment store that i forgot about.  so i did.   i picked up my children and proceeded to drive and then proceeded to walk in and then proceeded to take the entire rack of size 8's in girls and size 4 in boys and then proceeded to plop them on the counter and pay.  then the women who came in after me got jealous so she did the same thing for size 6 in boys.  copycat.

and i scored big time.  darling clothes.  a fall/winter's worth.  name brands.  non-hoochy.  all for under $100 a child. 
here's just a preview, my lovelies...

gap dress: $6
fall fashion show to come!

PS.  i have an insane amount of Kai's awesome great condition 4T/5T clothes from last year that I'll be selling on ebay if anyone is interested.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

sweet! that totally ROCKS! Great job following the Spirit!

Cherie said...

Sounds like you scored big time! That gap dress is so cute and 6 bucks - Yowza!!
Your daughter is such a pretty girl - love the boots on her too!
I am horrible about finding good deals like that!

Kristie said...

Well, she is the cutest thing ever, and sweet deal, my friend! That dress is awesome!!

can't help but feel a little depressed, knowing you were RIGHT HERE, and didn't even stop by for quesadillas... had your fill of me on the way to Thorp, huh? :)

their little 2T boy stuff is lacking, I was there a couple days ago and left with only a pair of shoes.. sad.

Amy said...

Um, YEAH you scored! That is an amazing deal and the outfit is very cute!
I haven't been to a consignment store in forever, though now I think I'd love to go except I'm a bit averse to shopping while I resemble a big, round peach.
Good job on the great deals!

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