Thursday, November 11, 2010

The post where I do a product plug-in

Have you ever felt lustful towards something?  Like "I must have you every day?" kinda lust?  I have that lust all the time.

For coconut oil

I put it on my skin as a moisturizer and in my hair as a conditioner.  I put it in my banana bread and homemade granola and daily green smoothies.  I put it in our homemade natural peanut butter as a substitute to regular oil.  I slather myself in so much coconut oil that my very breathe scents the room with a tropical breeze.  You are smelling that scent through this post, aren't you?   Go ahead and admit it.  You're only helping yourself to goodness.

And now folks, the list will continue to go on.  Future uses will be found in homemade deodorant and shampoo.  Which I am insanely excited to try out.  I will report back soon.

I'm not a woodsy-hippy kinda gal.  I really like the convenience of wrinkle-reduction spray over an iron.  I am known to hate camping (gasp).  However, I am acutely aware of the chemicals that are put into everything we put in and outside of our bodies.  The knowledge of what and why and where are important to me...and so I want to share.

I buy unrefined coconut oil by the gallon (organic unrefined).  I get it HERE.  The shelf life is 2 years unlike any other oil.  According to THIS book, we should consume 1-2 Tbsp a day.  "But oh!  The saturated fat!"  you say.  Myth, my darlings.  The saturated fat IS there, but it is intensely good for you.  Don't you love it when you hear that fat is good?  It's the truth.

Here's a short synopsis of what coconut oil does for you:

-Good for your skin by providing a natural SPF and prevents wrinkles
-Good for your hair as a conditioner and dandruff treatment
-Strengthens the immune system
-Promotes weight loss
-Helps protect againts heart disease, cancer, and many degenerative diseases
-and many more...

Under 75 degrees it becomes a solid, but once heat is applied it melts quick.  Just rubbing it on my hands melts it immediately.  When I cook I throw it in the microwave and use it as a sub for most oils.  It is so light tasting that you hardly even notice what it is.  Last night I put it on my scalp and then went to bed.  After a shampoo and blow-dry, holy cow my hair is soft.   

I have also heard amazing things about Basa Body.  Highly considering buying that facial kit or lotion...or maybe it should be a Christmas gift that you want to give me?  hint.hint.

So there now.  Don't you feel educated?  Report back on your own findings at the end of the semester and there just might be a healthier you waiting.  Or at the very least, a tropical breeze.

 *If you have any questions about my day-to-day with the magical stuff, email me at


Kendra said...

I love coconut oil. I use it with agave to make yummy faux kettle corn!

Lauren said...

I've not tried coconut oil after one failed cooking attempt with it.
But I LOVE Basa body products...
Maybe I will give the coconut oil another try after this post-- thanks!

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