Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Because I don't drink coffee

I'm really curious what you can get a 92 year old grandmother (double amputee) for Christmas who drinks coffee everyday.  Suggestions?  Here she is...any ideas?? 

Past Christmas items done for her:

- A jar with thoughts from family members to open each day
- A homemade heated rice therapy bag
- A shawl
- A picture book
- A picture calendar
- Knives because hers were the dullest ones ever
- Photo playing cards
- Lotions

Thoughts?  Suggestions?

I have been stumped this year.


Tiffany said...

Maybe some fancy spoons dipped in chocolate, and homemade goodies. So then when she has her coffee, she uses her spoons you made to stir, and has treats to eat.

Annette W. said...

How about some little cookies to go with a pound of fresh ground coffee? And you could give her a few tea bags and you can sit together and chat!

Scarf? audio book? I Love Lucy dvds?

I don't drink it either.

Lauren said...

we always buy my grandmother slippers--- boring, but she uses them?? I like the fancy spoons idea-- I've done that for people before and they like them.

Mo said...

I found a bookmark template on Etsy that I bought and printed on cardstock with quotes about reading and books. Does she like to read? Also, I just realized that I am sending these to a certain best friend of mine so maybe she won't read this comment? lets hope not.

Sara said...

I would personally buy her the coffee. Her favorite brand. Or a coffee grinder so her coffee was fresh everyday. I know this probably doesn't help. :)

<---- naughty mormon girl.

Cherie said...

We had a old, old lady at our Relief Society Christmas party last night. We played the gift game and when it was her turn she stole a really pretty silk flower arrangement. Just a thought.
Something pretty and happy to look at.

Mommy #1 said...

Mine's 94, and she never tires of pictures of the kids. And she loves books - she does a LOT of reading. And chocolate - she's diabetic, so if we get her some sugar-free chocolate, she's set. And she loves music, too - she'll play it at the highest volume possible, and everyone else is going deaf from it, but she still loves to listen to it. She is also into knitting and making dolls and doll houses. So she loves anything like that. She also loves clothes and jewelry - she looks her best no matter what is happening. So fun jewelry is a good choice, leaves her tickled to death! I don't know your grandma, but maybe one of these things will spark an idea.

Ruth said...

Some coffee!

J said...

Get her a pin-up poster of Elvis. Just throwin it out there...

MommyJ said...

When you're 92, you need stuff that makes you happy in the here and now. Something that tastes good, or smells good, or feels good. What about a really soft, really lovely blanket... something that feels good wrapped around your shoulders and brushed up against your cheek?

Oh, and that picture of her, and your daughter? Oh, it's so lovely. Love the emotion you captured in her face.

PS. Buying coffee for someone who drinks coffee does not make you a naughty mormon girl. Neither does putting cooking wine in your spaghetti sauce. Or drinking Coke. But then, I bought bourbon to go in my pecan pie, so maybe I really AM the naughty mormon girl? (he he)

Stef said...

You could do a nice mug where your kids write their names on it. That may be fun!

Stef said...

Oh and by the way. I call a Hubs through relay. So he can see the interpreter on a tv and she can see him and she hears me through the phone. It is great technology.

iamwoman said...

great ideas ladies! Thanks!

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