Friday, December 31, 2010


In this picture:  a screaming birthday boy, a man who gave up his jacket to his freezing wife, a woman who is secretly threatening her son to not move a muscle, a perfectly pink mini mouse.

I have 3 posts sitting in draft mode that are half-way finished and absolutely not blog-worthy.  At least I think they are not, because I simply can't finish them.  How would you feel about reading a half-finished blog post?  Do you double-dog-dare me?


I am feeling a loss of words right now.  Christmas has come and gone and I am left feeling anxious about it.  My gifting did not happen exactly as it should, so there is always disappointment looming when that happens.  And as we returned from our trip and Christmas was still a bit in our future, I stood in our kitchen to make treats and thought...who exactly would we give them to, anyway? We gave to our neighbors, but my work schedule allows very little time for my online peeps and those I adore who are far-far away (ahem, more than 5 miles), you are the only ones that belong to me.   But I can't send fudge your way packaged in pretty string and as much as that is just down right rotten, I hope you are okay with that. 

On the upside, we continued our Christmas Eve tradition of delivering goodies to the fire department.  It always warms my heart to bring treats to these men who are away from their families on a such a night.


My life is turning upside down in the next couple weeks.  A move, a different apartment, a different job that will be...well...really hard.  It all begins after the new year, so I am taking a slower pace for the next few days and soaking up my last bit of freedom.  I have laughed in hysterics the past 2 nights watching movies.  I read two books.  The Christmas decorations will stay until they must come down, and my room will remain unpacked until...well..I MUST pack.

And that is perfectly okay.


My daughter recieved an Anne of Green Gables book and when opening what is foreign-to-her, recited the title as "Gaaa-bles" (like a sheep would say baaaaaa) A quick orientation in girlhood is now in order. It is okay though, I still love her anyway.


I am filled with much anticipation going to a new place.  I get to look on craigslist again because a new floor plan means a new set of furniture! Or an old set.  Or a combo. I love taking what I have and then saying, "this new room really needs a bookcase over there."  Oh the arrangement possibilities!  Heavens knows I love to decorate.   


We had to tie Kai to Rowdy when we were at Disney World.  After losing him once, the stress relief from a purse handle and belt-loops cannot be adequately expressed;)  PS>  He did NOT like it. 


How is that for a bunch of random OKAY thoughts?

I feel like it will all be good.  This new year will be good even with all its changes.  And if I must post a half-finished blog post because my life requires it, I think that is okay, too. 


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Bring on the half-composed posts...I love cliff-hanger endings! ha!

Mommy #1 said...

I have quite a few of those as well. Happy New Year and all the fun changes and opportunities that brings!!! We're looking at a move as well - down-sizing. I don't know what is worse - the packing in anticipation or the actual moving. Hopefully it all goes smoothly. You're probably a whiz at it now, though, right? ;-D

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

I think my life would also be best expressed in half composed blog posts right now. At least you got the half ones down...I can't even seem to complete a half.

Hurrah for the next generation of Anne fans!

,,, said...

Did anyone notice the look in MY eyes also? If you look closely enough you will see, etched in fire onmy retinas: "Boy, I am going to me beat you over the head with that Mickey Mouse toy I bought you!" It was difficult to claim ownership of him during that trip...note to self: Disney brings out the devil in my child!

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