Friday, April 15, 2011

A good cry

I haven't had a good cry in a long time.  They came often in my teenage years.  Hormones or something.  And then when Rowdy and I broke up when we were engaged I had a pretty bad bout. Or when each of my babes went into the NICU right after birth.  Those were horribly deep sobbing cries and the very memory of the breathlessness that I felt still brings me emotional pain.  And what about those nights of complete helplessness?  When the house was dark and the loneliness overcame my entire being. 
Those nights held a very very good cry. 

But these days, it just about drives Rowdy crazy for me to cry even one tiny bit, so I hold it back.  And I figure a lot of tears are unnecessary anyway.  I keep myself in check, and if I feel the need it is short lived and I wipe the tears away as quick as they come. I'm so strong, you see.

But today I realized that tears falling by the bucket full and snot dripping down my nose with a box of kleenex right by my side might be good for the soul.  That maybe, just maybe, a good cry is all I need.


Amy said...

When I was a kid, my mother had a children's song tape. One of the songs said "It's alright to cry, crying makes us feel better..."
My husband also hates when I show any tears. But I still think an occasional cry is good for you. Evidently tears release toxins and really truly cleanse you.
So go ahead and have a good cry. Just do it when your husband isn't home so as not to alarm him. And I hope it helps you get out of your funk.

Wendy said...

Crying releases toxins as Amy says also it releases a hormone to hemp the body relax and repair the physical body and the soul. Tears are good for children to see. Tears are away for children to develop empathy and concern.

Remember even Jesus Christ wept. Truly wept. If he can so can you (if you give yourself the okay).

Sue said...

I think there is nothing more cathartic and healing than a good cry.

It's a healthy thing to do! Don't deprive yourself of tears when you need them.


Patty Ann said...

Sometimes, when I need a good cry, but don't want to embarrass myself, I just watch a great chick flick and cry at the movie. It can make all the difference. I think it is alright to cry every once in a while, I just think that you shouldn't use it against anyone else.

sariqd said...

Crying gets the sad right out of you. And I think husbands get a little upset (freaked) because they can't just "fix" it. I'd either go for a drive and go to a pretty park & cry or else do as another gal said - watch a chick flick and just let it all out.


sariqd said...
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Jocelyn Christensen said...

I once lost the ability to cry because of an eye infection. That was the WORST. I was really sad, but no tears would comE! Crying is good for ya from time to time. It helps us to stop ignoring our deepest emotions.

Aimee said...

tears are just emotions turned liquid. no reason to fear them.

i hope you are feeling better now.

likeschocolate said...

Hopefully, whatever is that makes you want to cry has passed. Just let them flow. It is not good to keep it all in and infact can make you sick.

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

Crying washes away the worry sometimes. Sometimes it just makes a muddy and even worse mess of the worry too.

Are you doing okay my friend??

InkMom said...

When my twins were born, my sister, MommyJ, a sworn twin veteran, gave me the best piece of advice I ever received when it comes to parenting: If your babies are crying, they're not dead. Same goes for us grown-ups, I guess.

Charlotte said...

I find I need a good cry from time to time. I do try to cry alone so I don't turn on the "fix things" gene in my husband. Sometimes crying is HOW I fix emotional things.

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