Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to help: Quiet Books for Japanese Children

My friend Aimee has some inside info on a need for the children of Japan.  She served her mission for our church in Japan and her old mission president is now the Director of Public Affairs over there.  Through contact with him and his wife they have expressed the need for quiet books since so many children have lost their possessions in the Tsunami.  What an awesome idea!  You can go to Aimee's post for the specifics of how and why.

So, let's make some shall we?

If you are in the Seattle area, I am hoping to get a group together to spend an evening making them.  It will be a fun night of cutting and sewing and gluing and giving.  I'll even make some chocolate chip cookies (if you are a reader of this blog you will know why that is so awesome.)

If you don't happen to live by me but would like to contribute, you can form your own cute group or make a quiet book on your own.  You can mail it/them to me and I will make sure they get to Japan.  

I have never made one before, but it can't be too difficult, right?  It looks like you can make them as simple or as difficult as you choose. And the quiet books are an awesome idea because they translate pretty easy;)

Here are some resources/patterns:  here and here and here and here. There are even some patterns on etsy and here is the one from the above picture.

Please email me at carriestroud{at}gmail{dot}com for specifics. I would love to have them all mail-ready within a month.

Spread the word!


Jenny P. said...

This is a brilliant idea... and here I am wishing (again) that I was your neighbor so I could come to a get together and work on these with you. You are inspiring me though... I'll absolutely do something on my own!

(and my writer heart was so touched by your daughter's lovely poem.)

Patty Ann said...

I love this idea. We have been making quilts here and it has been amazing. so many women willing to help!

Aimee said...

So nice of you to share. Let me know if you get any takers and we can plan a night to pump some out.

Sue said...

Great idea! We've been doing hygiene kits, but this sounds lots more fun. And psychological needs must be met too, right?


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