Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Broken Foot

I just had to take a picture of this road sign when we passed it the other day.  How awesome is that?


My son broke his foot.  I didn't know it was broken for three days because he was just so manly about it, but after awhile the little voice in my head said something like, "Carrie! He hasn't been able to put pressure on it for THREE DAYS so take him to the Dr. already!"  So I scheduled an appointment for late Friday so that I could still get some work done and there the x-ray stood staring back at me.  Broken.  My kid's foot was broken.  "Why weren't you louder, little voice?  Why didn't you shout and push and get on the rooftop so that I could hear you?  Or was I just not listening?  Maybe I had my earphones in.  Maybe I was too distracted.  Maybe I was just too dang busy to pay attention."

Reality Check.  Fo Sho.

Be kind to me motherly intuition.  I'm open ears again.  I promise.

He now has to be mostly carried (although his monkey crawl is on the verge of perfection.)  And he weighs 50 pounds.  And that's heavy if you were wondering.  Especially when he's tall so he's too big for a stroller, or carrier, or anything but a piggy back ride and hipster side saddle. It's just an awkward distribution of weight. At times like these I am grateful for the big strong shoulders of My Man to help carry our literal load.

This is tough.  Really tough.  To be a 5 year old at the beginning of summer with a broken foot?  No hikes.  No camping.  No swimming.  How in the world can either of us stand it?  (play on words...of course;)

Bleh.  Advice on what he can possibly do besides endless movies for 6 weeks? Poor heavy tall broken foot little guy...


Sue said...

Oh boy. That really stinks. Not a good way to start out the summer.


Amy said...

I don't mean to be a downer but I had those exact same words running through my head the day Ella passed away. Why didn't I go to the hospital sooner? Why, why, why? The reason is simple: because I hoped it was going to be ok.
don't blame yourself for hoping.
You're the greatest mommy ever!
because you love that little boy more than life itself!

I wish I had advice on how to keep him entertained. Maybe a star wars quiet book?

Carrot Jello said...

My son broke all the bones in his foot when he was seven. The doctor said he could heal in 4-6 weeks IF he didn't walk on it at all. We started out carrying, but a kid with a cast gets pretty heavy after a while. Then we tried crutches, but he couldn't figure them out. So my husband found a place in Seatac on international that rents medical equipment, and they actually had kid-sized wheelchairs. It might be something you want to look into, just so you can go out and do things. It gets old after a while.
Until then, you do a lot of waiting on him, hand and foot ;)
Good luck,

Jackie said...

Same thing happened to my brother. A week before school ended he broke his foot. Then he hobbled around it for a week before my mom took him to the doctor (so three days is nothing.) Then he sawed his cast off a week early at scout camp so he could swim.

But we didn't have to carry him around. He was in 8th grade.

So sorry. For you and your sore hips!

likeschocolate said...

I wouldn't be too hard on yourself. My son broke his arm a couple of weeks ago and it took us two days before we realized something was wrong. He just didn't really complain about it unlike my other son who cried like there was no tomorrow. Hopefully, he won't miss all the activities of summer.

Pasion Family said...

Poor, Poor Guy- Ouch!

Charlotte said...

I asked my husband, after our son broke his arm, how often parents come in DAYS after the break instead of immediately. He is an ER doctor and said MOST people wait. It takes a while to realize there is a problem.

Anyway, broken bones in summer stink. It's even worse when it's a foot! Good luck finding entertainment for the little guy.

Kristie said...

aw crap, that sucks! have you seen those awesome wheelie things for people with a broken foot? you basically kneel the bum leg on it and push it around with the other leg. Looks pretty fun, actually.. I wonder if there's anything like that available to rent for a little guy (I know, he's not LITTLE... :)

btw, I really miss you! been thinking about you bunches lately, but running around like a crazy person, trying to act like I know how to manage life with four kids, and we both know.. I don't. I was barely hanging on when I had three.. anyway, that's my excuse for never seeing, calling, writing you. but you know.. the love is there my friend.

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