Monday, May 9, 2011

Mom's Day

I loved last week. I loved reading and feeling the different perspectives on Motherhood. Thanks so much to the fabulous women who participated, and thanks so much to the lovely ones who read and commented, too;)

I feel changed in the best of ways and more focused on the Mother that I am and the one that I can become.

The Mom who washes mounds of strawberries to dip in chocolate and then devour with her children.

The Mom who is given an afternoon to read to her hearts content.

The Mom who is woken up out of a deep slumber to eat the worst breakfast in the history of breakfasts, but happily does.
(It was so bad I couldn't even muster the courage to take a picture of anything but the sign.)



The luckiest Mom in the world.


Sue said...


I've eaten a few questionable Mother's Day breakfasts myself over the years...


Jenny P. said...

Still trying to catch up on all your guest posts last week.

I got to sleep all afternoon. It. was. awesome.

Ashley said...

I love this. It made me smile. You are a lucky and blessed MOM! Go YOU! :)

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