Sunday, June 12, 2011


Sometimes pulling out the hide-a-bed in the living room is just necessary.  And piling on your entire collection of stuffed animals, too.


Is it just me, or does Rudolph look like he is staring into the deepest part of your soul?

And bleh.  Sucky broken foot. What's even more sucky is the fact that Kai acts like it's another super power and RUNS with it.


Amy said...

I just giggled the whole time I read this. I love the cute names of his animals. I definitely want my kids to own a sock monkey.

Kai, what a rockstar. I think I'd like to get my picture taken with him someday. Maybe his autograph too.

Sue said...

Kids and their casts are always an interesting combo. Can't believe what the end up doing with those things on!


Wendy said...

Gratefully there isn't the extreme caution with a cast with a child as with an adult much to the chargin of a parent who paid for the broken to be healed. They continue with full speed and can do behavior. Children know they can. They haven't been told no too often.

Best with the summer cast party.

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