Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When life THROWS you lemons

I learned something today.

Sometimes life throws you not only lemons, but an entire big box of lemons at Costco.

And then sometimes after you bring that box home completely overwhelmed with thoughts of spoilage, not only should you make lemonade...but you now have the opportunity to make lemon curd, lemon bars, and that to die for lemon coconut cake with cream cheese frosting.

Good lesson, no?

 Oh goodness...what a tragic tale that was set in motion after my jog this morning, and yet, this day will now forever be looked at with laughter.  Thank freaking goodness.


Sue said...

We have a lemon tree that gives us so many lemons we can't give enough away.

We make a LOT of lemonade around here.


Amy said...

How about cheesecake with lemon drizzle? My cousin made some the other day. I couldn't get enough.

But I'm tired of lemons too.

Here's to hoping we have to make a little less lemonade. Keep smilin'. :)

Christina said...

Way to get creative with the lemons! Sometimes more than lemonade is definitely required to get through it all. Hope the lemons subside soon!

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