Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Learning and Rhino's

I love Sunday nights... they are full of retrospect and are a time to refocus.  What I especially love is the game that I get to play with myself right before I head to bed when it's all over.  It's when I make a list of all the things I accomplished or didn't and regroup for the coming week.  This weekend was a particularly fun reflection.  

 (taken at the Olympic Game Farm last year)

 This weekend I learned:

If I buy ice cream, I will eat it.
Back to school shopping, albeit a happy beginning, gets really old after the 3rd store.
My son is wild.
After all day shopping, dinner is totally unnecessay and an Auntie Ann's pretzel can suffice.
Redbox new release movies were lame-o this week. Don't even bother getting one.
My kids feet are impossible to buy shoes for.
Who needs shoes anyway?
If I don't clean the house it will look like I didn't clean the house.
When questioning whether to get your children the $13 or the $28 haircut, go with the $28 because you'll end up having to go that route anyway after the $13 hairdresser screwed it up.
Trader Joes = spend every dime I have.
Gosh I hate shoe shopping.  Why are their feet so dang big!?
I am feeling tired and old.
I need ice cream.  YAY I have it!
Lack of Saturday prep=crazy mom searching for lost Sunday shoe.
Be prepared to hear your daughter sing a solo to "scripture power" in Primary like she's a pop-star icon.  And hide your laughter behind that one kid you are trying to help keep still. 
Isn't Sunday supposed to be restful?  Tell that to my "need to spend 3 hours cooking a ginormous dinner self."
Hide foil from Kai. 
Rhino's have a pretty good life according to the Discovery Channel.
If you ask your children to clean under their bed, be prepared for what might come out.
Hugs are a good thing.

Looking forward to Monday...


Debby said...

I love real life blogs. These are the things you wil look back on and laugh. SOmetimes I wonder how I ever survived.
No wonder my hair is white.

Sue said...

Great list.

I especially agree with the hair-cutting wisdom.


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