Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A wallet lost

Yesterday Rowdy realized that he had lost his wallet.  It was last seen on Saturday but not discovered missing until Monday when he of course, needed it.  The last day and a half have been spent turning over the entire apartment and car in search of it.  Initially I said a personal prayer to help us find it (I am sure he did as well) and then a few hours later I felt prompted to pray again with him.  And we still didn't find it.  I went to bed last night completely surprised at the fact that God had not helped us find it.  I mean, He always has before.  I have ALWAYS found what was missing before-even hours later.  And I have ALWAYS believed that it was because I prayed about it.  So what's the deal?

This is a tough one.  His wallet has everything (what wallet doesn't?) and as though life isn't stressful enough with the end of Grad School and HUGE projects that he has been working on...we can't find a very important and necessary piece to our day to day life.  Driving, banking, identifying--you name it.  Lost.

So I guess in my writing this I am hoping to 1) get some good finding vibes out there and 2) plea again to the heavens for some help.  And perhaps have some faith restored.  It's not gone--my faith--but I am certainly surprised that it hasn't been enough.


Marlowe said...

I'm so sorry ... it's such a pain. And hard when the answer is no. I've enjoyed reading your blog today. You are inspirational!

EleCat said...

I'll be honest, I'm an atheist so praying for things is foreign to me but I understand how frustrating it is to lose your wallet. A common way to lose your wallet is when it falls out of the car. Have you checked under your car seats or in your garage/ driveway, in a gutter near where the car may have been parked? I once found my wallet in a gutter hours after I'd lost it: untouched. I was so relieved. I hope that by the time you get around to reading this, it's found. :)

Cherie said...

I know your pain because my husband misplaces his wallet alot and it makes me insane. I worry you see - worry about credit card numbers and bank accounts being broken into. Oops now I probably made you worry (sorry).
My point, however, is that it always comes up found, and sometimes in the most interesting places and people are good - if he lost it somewhere chances are someone will return it.
Good luck I hope you find it soon.

Patty Ann said...

I really hate when that happens. It is such a pain to replace everything. It is so hard to start over and notify everyone. I really hope you find it!!!

Jenn said...

Whenever Ty loses his wallet- it's always in my purse! He likes to put it in there when we are out an about. Good like. I know how stressful a lost wallet is!

likeschocolate said...

So sorry for your loss. DId he leave it in a store? That is what I usually do.

Sue said...

Losing a wallet stinks.

So does not getting the answer that seems "right" when you are praying with faith.

I guess a bailout isn't always the best thing for us. Which doesn't make it any easier, does it?

Here's hoping it turns up!


Kari said...

I just lost my purse on a vacation in Spain- I prayed like crazy to find it. I felt like I would find it, I had too! After cancelling everything (to be safe) and shedding a few tears (and saying a few choice words) I had a sweet feeling that made me feel better. That as tough as it was, they were all just 'things' that could be replaced. Not easily, but that they could be replaced. Not the answer I wanted, but the lesson I needed. I hope that isn't your lesson though :)

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