Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lov'n the things I am seeing and hearing

1. So there I was checking out one of my favorite blogs Creature Comforts for some holiday inspiration when I spotted my gift wrapping on not one but two of her posts!  Thrilled to be a part of such awesome ideas.  Her blog rocks and you should definitely have it on your blog list. 

Here for item# 11

2. When we were in GA Kai wanted to throw a penny into a fountain.  I told him to make a wish and so he threw it in and then said, "My wish already happened.  I wished that all my family could be together forever."  
No joke.  I totally teared up right then a there.

3.  Last night I was given my Christmas present early.  Rowdy has been working on something for the last month and lately it has been covered with a huge blanket in our living room.  Finally I was allowed to walk in to see it uncovered and Christmas music filled my ears.  He had found a vintage 1960's RCA Victrola record player cabinet and tweaked the wiring so it would work again.  It's in great condition and he bought it from the original owners.  Holy manna from heaven I can't wait to take a picture and show you!

4. Yesterday I received a box in the mail from my high school friend in PA and it was filled with boxes of butterscotch krimpets tastycakes.  You can't get them here and it was pretty much the best box of goodies I have received ever.

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Christina said...

Love so many things about this post- Kai's sweet observation, Rowdy's amazing gift, and the butterscotch krimpets! I lived in PA until I was 13 and understand the magic of tastykakes. Luckily there's a cheesesteak store here that imports those delicious treats, so if I'm desperate I can head there to pick some up.
Merry Christmas, Carrie!

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