Monday, January 23, 2012

Keyword Search

Taking my inspiration from THIS funny post, I thought it would be fun to check out my search engine stats to see what brings people to my blog.  I am actually really surprised that my hits seem to mainly be from searches regarding party ideas which only consist of about 1/4 of my content. What happened to the search for "BEST BLOG EVER" ??? I should for sure come up, right?

Here they are exactly as written:

got milk baby shower
milk and cookies shower
baby bottles with straws shower
milk baby shower
storybook baby shower
storybook shower invitations
baby shower library theme
nursery rhyme baby shower
valentine's martha stewart
lemon party ideas
lemon themed games
lemon themed bridal shower
pamper the mommy shower
fort kit
talent show backgrounds
lost wallet
lost purse
the rowdy
rowdy stroudy
my worst wedding in valentine's day
mcdonaald's introduces chocolate dipped ice cream cone
talking to daughter about growing up
messy kids room
hot mama  (haha--just kidding--I wish)


It certainly makes me re-think my blog content! What do you think?  Do I need to refocus my blog purpose to be a little less about my actual life and more about parties and fun stuff?  Or can you settle for my day to day? ;)


Sue said...

My biggest keyword (key phrase?) as googled appears to be *grape juice and the stomach flu*.


Garden of Egan said...

I love your actual life. I say keep doing what you do best. Whether that's the party thing or a bit of everything............

Amy said...

Nah, I love your blog. You're perfect.

Charlotte said...

I get tons of traffic looking for children birthday parties/cakes (like several a day) and I only post about them when my kids happen to have one and I happen to remember to blog.

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